Built to Last

As a Queens Park Estate owner, you will enjoy a comprehensive 2, 5, & 10-year new home warranty provided by National Home Warranty™. The entire Queens Park Estate complex is engineered for lifetime stability through advanced pre-construction geo-tech engineering including the excavation of soft soils, extensive pre-loading and compaction of the site for a truly solid foundation. Sturdy 2” x 6” exterior framing and generous open spaces within complete the assurance of a well built home.

Rain screen envelope systems and generous roof overhangs provide peace of mind in our challenging West Coast climate. Our Craftsman style buildings feature durable Hardie™ plank exteriors that won’t rot or warp.

Safe for Your Family
and for the Environment

Queens Park Estate homes feature comprehensive safety planning, including in-suite sprinkler systems, a rare level of fire protection in town home construction.

The designers of Queens Park Estate have made special efforts to be environmentally friendly with storm water management. These superior drainage systems work to keep your home dry, with irrigation system on site.

Pedestrian and driveway connections are designed with attractive brick paving patterns that (according to expert studies) slow down drivers and promote safety.

Attractive multi-level terraces make for good visibility throughout common areas, and the family-friendly recreation area will delight the kids, too.

Low Operating Costs

Your home will have lower utility bills thanks to energy efficient windows, high efficiency Energy Star appliances, use of natural ventilation and an abundance of natural light throughout the units.